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C is one of the most popular, robust, widely used, general-purpose computer-based programming language and core machines still run on C language. In addition to being a highly portable language, C minimizes the gap between low level features like bit level programming and high level programming languages, making it a powerful and useful language to manage resources efficiently.

This Course

This course begins with an introduction to computer-based problem-solving techniques like algorithms and flowcharts. The course covers basic as well as advanced features of the C programming language. Varied C programming topics like , data types, functions, control structures, pointers, strings, arrays and dynamic allocation principles are covered in this course. This course enables you to write efficient C programs to solve for a variety of basic as well as complex computer-based problems. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Write a C program using advanced control constructs

  • Develop a C code containing Do-while, break and exit keywords

  • Identify a problem definition

  • Solve abstract and complex problems using modular design methodology

  • Write a code using array of pointers


Module 1: Overview Of Programming

  • Introduction to computer-based problem solving

  • Program design and implementation issues - Flowcharts and algorithm

  • Top-down design and stepwise refinement

  • Programming environment

Module 2: Fundamentals of C Programming

  • Overview of C

  • Data types

  • Constants and Variables

  • Operators and Expressions

  • Control constructs-if then, for, while, Arrays- single and multidimensional arrays

  • Functions-fundamentals.

Module 3: Advanced Programming Techniques

  • Control constructs- Do while

  • Switch statement, break and continue, exit() function, go to and label

  • Scope rules- Local and global variables

  • scope rules of functions

  • Functions-parameter passing

  • call by value and call by reference

  • calling functions with arrays, argc, and argv, 

  • recursion- basic concepts, ex-towers of Hanoi.

Module 4: Dynamic Data Structures in C

  • Pointers- The and * operator,

  • Pointer expression,

  • Assignments,and Arithmetic, 

  • Comparison malloc vs calloc,

  • Arrays of pointers, Pointers to pointers, 

  • Initialising pointers,

  • Pointers to functions,

  • Function returning pointers, 

  • Structures- Basics, declaring, Referencing structure elements.

Module 5: Additional Features

  • File handling – The file pointer

  • File accessing functions, open, fclose, puc, getc, fprintf, C Preprocessor- #define, #include, #undef, 

  • Conditional compilation directives 

  • C standard library and header files

Key Features

Key Features of this Course

  • 12 On-Demand Videos 

  • 6 Structured Modules with Case Studies

  • 5 Self-Learning Material (SLM); 5 PPTs

  • 5 Practice Quizzes/Assessments

  • Certificate of Completion / Participation Certificate

Career Opportunities

  • Software Programmer

  • Software Engineer

  • C & C++ Developer

  • Embedded Software Developer


After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “C Programming” certification.

If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering and IT students

  • Graduates with a programming background

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