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Quality Theorem Project and Internship - Smart Usage of Lights and Fans in Hospital Using IoT
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Quality Theorem Project and Internship  - Smart Usage of Lights and Fans in Hospital Using IoT 

System Proposal:

  • Need to send an SMS or through an application the location where there is no occupancy but the light and fans are ON. Please refer to the attached document for more description.
  • FAN and LIGHT control (Alert On and Off) is an easy and smart way to save energy in Commercial Applications.



  • Vacancy Sensors is semi-automatic. It alerts the hospital staff, If a light/fan is on for a predefined period after person leaves the room. Alerts can be generated on web interface, smart phone app, SMS or Email.
  • Here Turn on/Turn off of lights/fans is manual and only alerts are served to hospital staff. Every light/fan point is uniquely identified over a map and tagged to a specific room.
  • It makes easy for hospital staff to identify the light/fan point to be switched off.
  • The Lighting demands of hospitals and health-care facilities are very complex. However, with a strategic lighting retrofit, a facility can realize a drastic reduction in lighting energy cost while improving Performance and ambiance. The first step to determine whether Lighting controls offer potential benefits is to conduct an audit of spaces to find areas of low traffic.

These may include

  • Bathrooms
  • Stairwells
  • Private Offices
  • Private Exam Rooms
  • Class Rooms
  • Supply Closets
  • Break Areas
  • Low-Traffic Corridors
  • Parking Spaces
  • Building Perimeters without primary entrances

The Problem Statement is embedded in the attachment. Please click on the same and download to access it.

Mentored by:
CEO of Quality Theorem

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