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Quality Theorem Project and Internship - Smart Drip Irrigation Using IoT
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Quality Theorem Project and Internship  - Smart Drip Irrigation Using IoT

System Proposal:

We need to deploy moisture detecting sensors clustered to a child controller unit. These controller units communicate through LoRaWAN/EC-GSM-IoTtechnology with a central control unit, which is IoTenabled. 

This solution enabled the farmers to identify the problem areas on their mobile apps and take immediate steps in preventing water wastage. The solution is also competent for urban parks and gardens. Based on data fetched by sensors against parameters like humidity or moisture in soil, the solution automatically controls the water flow using electric valves.

It can switch on the water based on predefined timings or based moisture content in soil. It may required to switch flow, if adequate rain fall in happening. It is recommended, so that, we control the water pumps by integrating remote monitoring solution along with smart drip irrigation. This not only helps the maintaining authority to keep the environment outright automated, emancipates water wastage and saves energy. 

Solution should have a cloud hosted dashboard, indicate moisture levels, temperature, recent activity on flow and energy spent in a graphical mode. This helps authorities to maintain parks lively and decreases dependency on man power and helps employees to actively maintain the parks.

The Problem Statement is embedded in the attachment. Please click on the same and download to access it.

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