Python Certification Course (Kannada)

ಬನ್ನಿ Pythonಅನ್ನು ಸುಲಭವಾಗಿ ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಕಲಿಯೋಣ Python Certification Course sets you in the right path. Python is the fir...


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ಬನ್ನಿ Pythonಅನ್ನು ಸುಲಭವಾಗಿ ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಕಲಿಯೋಣ

Python Certification Course sets
you in the right path.

Python is the first step towards
your dream career of become a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer,
Backend Developer, or you want to just automate your day to day monotonous

This course assumes you are a
complete beginner  into the world of programming. The whole tutorial is
taught in a beginner-friendly manner.

All the core concepts are
explained with relevant examples.There are quizzes at regular intervals to make
sure you are understanding the right way.

The explanation is in Kannada,
done in a colloquial/friendly way. This helps to understand concepts better and
faster. Students can easily pick up advanced concepts when taught in mother

The Course has an interesting
Capstone Project at the end. It's a hands-on project where you will build a
real-world price Tracker app for Amazon.

i.e you will build an app which will track price changes on e-commerce website
and will alert you if the available price goes below your target price.

The course is divided into 4+1
parts :Basics, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced plus Capstone Project at the

The course also has a Next Steps
Section - which will guide you to learn the next set of technologies based on
what you want to do next. It could be Django if you want learn Web App
Development or the relevant path to take for building a Datascience or AI/ML

MicroDegree :

MicroDegree is teachning coding
and job-ready skills in Kannada. Our vision is to empower local engineering
talent from tier-2,3 region with foundational clarity in Kannada and connect
them with right job opportunities at an affordable price.

Learning outcome

  • You will be capable of
    programming real world applications in Python

  • You will be able to write
    and analyze coding algorithmic questions asked in interviews

  • You can enter into
    Datascience, Machine Learning fields after doing this course

  • You will be able to automate
    tasks done in day to day life


Module 1 : Python Basics

What is Python, Who should Learn Python?, Why Python, How to learn Python,
Basics Of Programming, Python Installation & Setup, My First Python

Instruction Execution in Python, Variables, Taking User Input, Build Calculator
Exercise, Strings from Beginning, String Manipulation, Working With Numbers

Module 2
: Strong Foundations

Intro to DataStructures, Lists in Python, List Methods, Number List Manipulation,
Tuples, If Else Statements, Logical Operators, Comparison Operators, 

Build a Converter App, Loops Intro, While Loop, Guessing Game Project

Module 3
: Intermediate Concepts

For Loops In Python, 2D Lists & Nested Loops, Dictionaries, Functions Intro,
Parameters in Functions, Return Statements in Functions, Word Counter Exercise,
Intermediate Project - Student Management System

Module 4
: Advanced Python

Handling Errors, Generic Exceptions & Finally, Modules, Packages in Python,
File IO, Object Oriented Programming (OOPs), Classes and Objects, PyPI And Pip,
Coding Standards

Module 5
: Build a Capstone Project in Python

Price Tracker App - Intro, Web Scraping Using Beautiful Soup, Parsing Data,
Dynamic Multiple Inputs, Price Check Logic, Write Output File, Project Wrap Up

Module 6
: What Should I learn Next ?

Python Career Path

Module 7
: Certification

Certification Instructions

Who Should Attend

  • No prior coding experience

  • Anybody interested in
    learning coding

  • Any Degree, Engineering
    & IT Students

  • Early Professionals


Job prospect

  • Python Developer 

  • Backend Programmer

  • Automation Engineer

  • You would have completed
    your first step towards DataScience, ML & Testing careers



  • You
    are given few tasks to modify code in the capstone project and submit the

  • Idea
    is to make sure, you completed the hands-on project and not just watched
    the video.

  • Complete
    Instructions are provided at the end of the Tutorials.



1. Why is MicroDegree teaching Coding in Kannada?

As students lack conceptual clarity and programming
foundations, they end up mugging programs. This results in mediocrity in
learning technology stack further and mastering it. MicroDegree aims to create
top engineering talent in Software Engineering by simplifying Programming. This
is achieved by teaching in our native language - Kannada, with relevant concept
clarity, analogies and some local flavour.

2. Will I be
writing Code in Kannada?

No, coding would be done using standard IDE in simple English
language. But the Course is taught in Kannada for better understanding of
fundamentals, concept clarity and analogies.

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