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JavaScript Certification Course (Kannada)
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ಬನ್ನಿ JavaScriptಅನ್ನು ಸುಲಭವಾಗಿ ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಕಲಿಯೋಣ

The course includes in depth discussions about the Javascript core fundamentals such as variables, datatypes,strings, arrays, functions and object literals.

Then it spans across how Javascript impacts web development by the introductions of DOM manipulation which covers different selectors and events.

After this section, course moves towards the project section, where in we have 3 projects covering all that we learnt in the course.
Next, the course will drive you through to the Object Oriented Programming, why it is important and we discuss about the objects, constructor functions, classes and so on.

About MicroDegree :
MicroDegree is teachning coding and job-ready skills in Kannada. Our vision is to empower local engineering talent from tier-2,3 region with foundational clarity in Kannada and connect them with right job opportunities at an affordable price


Learning outcome

  • You will be capable of programming real world applications in JavaScript
  • You can enter into the world of JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular and VueJS
  • You can easily crack JavaScript related interviews


Module 1 : JavaScript  Fundamentals
VS Code Installation, Write First JS Code, Variables! Var,  Let and Const,Datatypes in JS, Type Conversion and Cohesion,  String and String Methods, Numbers and Numbers Methods., Template Literals,  Arrays and its    Methods, Object Literals, Comparison and Conditionals, Loops in JS, Function Declaration and Expression, Switches, Scopes, Let vs Var

Module 2 : DOM Manipulation And Events
What is DOM?, DOM Examination, DOM Selectors for Single Elements,  DOM Selectors for Multiple Events, Traversing the DOM, Creating Elements , Remove Elements, Events Listeners and Event Object, Mouse Events, Keyboard and Input Events, Event Delegation and Bubbling, Local and Session Storage

Module 3 : DOM Projects
Build a Loan Calculator App, Loan Calculator Source Code ,Build a drum-kit game,Drum-kit Source Code , Build a dice game,Dice Game Source Code, Build a animated task-list application, Task List Source Code

Module 4 : Object Oriented JavaScript
Object Literals and Factory Functions, Constructor Functions, Understanding 'this' Keyword, Prototypes, Prototypal Inheritance, Creating Object using object.create,   ES6 Classes and properties of OOPS, Sub Classes

Module 5 : OOPS Project
Build a Book-List Application,Book-List App Source Code

Module 6 :  Certification Guidelines
Certification Instructions

Who Should Attend

  • No prior coding experience required
  • Anybody interested in learning coding
  • Any Degree, Engineering & IT Students
  • Early Professionals


Job prospect

  • Frontend Developer
  • Web Developer
  • You would have completed your first step towards React, Angular & Full Stack Developer careers



  • You are given few tasks to modify code in the capstone project and submit the same.
  • Idea is to make sure, you completed the hands-on project and not just watched the video.
  • Complete Instructions are provided at the end of the Tutorials.



1. Why is MicroDegree teaching Coding in Kannada?
As students lack conceptual clarity and programming foundations, they end up mugging programs. This results in mediocrity in learning technology stack further and mastering it. MicroDegree aims to create top engineering talent in Software Engineering by simplifying Programming. This is achieved by teaching in our native language - Kannada, with relevant concept clarity, analogies and some local flavour.

2. Will I be writing Code in Kannada?
No, coding would be done using standard IDE in simple English language. But the Course is taught in Kannada for better understanding of fundamentals, concept clarity and analogies.

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