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This course helps students to know the basics of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want-satisfying products and services to present and potential customers. The course contains current developments in marketing and to acquaint students with the present-day challenges of marketing activities. By the end of this course, students will learn basic principles of marketing specific to product, price, place and promotion. The course will emphasize on marketing as a business function and as a philosophy. Students would be able to identify the systematic framework of marketing and implementation and the need for different marketing approaches for services, goods and for household consumers and organizational buyers. They will be able to identify the sources of consumer insights and apply the strategies in the process of satisfying the consumer requirements. This course is designed to serve as a stepping stone for you to build a career in the field of Marketing.


Module 1: An Overview of Marketing Management

Introduction to Marketing Management, An Overview, Introduction, What is Marketing?, Understanding the Marketplace and Consumer Needs, Designing a Customer Driven Marketing Strategy, Construct an Integrated Marketing Program, Building Customer Relationships, Capturing Value from Customers, The Changing Landscape of Marketing, Consumer Behaviour and Business Buyer Behaviour, Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour.

Module 2: Market Segmentation and Market Research

Marketing Strategy, Market Segmentation and Product Positioning, Market Segmentation, Market Targeting, Target Market Strategies, Product Positioning and Differentiation, Choosing a Differentiation and Positioning Strategy, Changing the Product Positioning, Consumer Needs, Wants, and Consumer Insights, Benefits Sought By Consumers, The Impact of Emotional Benefits, Consumer Insight, International Marketing Research, Market Research for Small Businesses.

Module 3: Product, Services and Pricing Decisions

Classifications, Attributes, Branding, Packaging, Labelling, Product Line Decisions, Product Mix Decisions; Services Marketing--The Nature and Characteristics of a Service, Branding Strategy, Building Strong Brands, Brand Equity, Building Strong Brands, Brand Positioning, New Product Development and Product Life Cycle, Strategies, Customer Perceptions of Value, Company and Product Costs, Other Internal and External Considerations Affecting Price Decisions, Public Policy and Pricing, Anti-Competitive Agreements, Abuse of Dominance, Unfair Trade Practices.

Module  4: Marketing Communication for the Domestic and Global Markets

Promotion and Place Mix, Marketing Communications, Verbal Identity of a Brand, Visual Identity of a Brand, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), Designing an Effective Message, Setting the Total Promotion, Relations, Advertising and Public Relations, Personal Selling and Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Managing the Sales Force, Sales Forecasting, Steps in Personal Selling, Add-On Sales Ideas, Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Selling, Cultural Barriers in Marketing Communication. Budget, Promotion Mix Strategies – Push and Pull Strategy, The Nature of Each Promotion Tool, Evaluation of Advertising Effectiveness, Public

Key Features

  • Identify the importance of understanding customers and the marketplace

  • Elaborate the positioning and differentiation strategies by companies for creating competitive advantage in the marketplace

  • Describe how companies make decisions regarding individual products, product lines and product mixes

  • Illustrate the concept of integrated marketing communication (IMC)

  • Analyse how sales promotion campaigns are developed and implemented

Career Opportunities

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Business Development 

  • Data Analyst

  • Data scientist / Business analyst

  • Marketing and Sales Analytics Manager


After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “Marketing Management” certification.

If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'.

Who Should Attend

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Master of Business Administration

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