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Problem Statement - Standard for estimation of man-hours or man-days for design projects.

Challenge description with context - With efforts over number of years, standards have been defined in software and IT industry to estimate man-hours or man-days required for a project. Similar efforts are required to be put in the field of product design and machine design. Development of such standards is very essential to achieve at realistic quote for a design project. A reliable correlation with number of key design dimensions or key components and off-the shelf components is essential to have a reasonably accurate estimate.

Problem - The problem of estimating and providing accurate quote for a design project requires a lot of guess work. Any standard procedure developed for this would help make the predictions and quotes accurate.

Users – Industries providing and availing design services.

Expected Outcomes - Standards similar to SEI-CMM and PCMM applicable to Design services. Standards document, process patents.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science, Information Technology

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