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Billing System for Shopping malls
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Problem Statement - Now a day, in shopping malls we have to wait for the billing in big lines, it accrues traffic in a mall and it very time consuming process. So we designed a system that will reduce the time for billing procedure.

Challenge description with context - It is difficult to design a system that will replace the current stock management system. So the challenge for us is to design the system which is more time efficient and accurate then current system.

Problem - The problem is, on a holidays or pick hours of shopping centers the customer has to wait for the checkout in long lines and that could take around 15-20 minutes. So we are designing a system that will solve this problem.

Users – Every people who want to buy from the malls.

Expected Outcomes - It will reduce the checkout time. It will make an employment and smarter atmosphere it is faster process so traffic will be reduce and no. Of visitor to mall will be increase. The system is new for the market.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science, Information Technology

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