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Public transportation system management
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Problem Statement - Public transportation system management

Challenge description with context - The major issues related to the public transportation are as follows: 1) Live availability of the seats is not known to the passengers who are boarding from next station. 2) Live count of the passengers is not available in the central control room. 3) Live ticket issue records are not available in the central control room. 4) The detail about the passengers travelling without ticket is not traceable from central control room. 5) Live location of the vehicle is not traced from central control room.

Problem - There will be control over the passengers who travel without ticket in the public transport. The passengers will be able to continuously track the vehicle they want to travel through with availability of the seats. The central control office can track the live location and fare collection details of the vehicle.

Users – State Transport, City Bus service authorities, Railways Authority

Expected Outcomes - The system should be facilitated such that it should continuously send data of passengers on board, tickets issued from the person handling the vehicle. Also at the end of the day the system should give the data of total collection of the fare. The public transports will become smarter and facilitated for the passengers and more profitable for authorities.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science, Information Technology, Civil Engineer

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