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Smart Dustbin for Wet & Dry Waste
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Problem Statement - Smart Dustbin for Wet & Dry Waste

Challenge description with context - Citizen throwing waste should be kept inside dustbin provided by Municipality. After putting waste, dustbin will check / detect whether it’s wet or dry waste. Based on detection of wet or dry, dustbin will decide to throw waste in to different section wet or dry accordingly. This will result into smart dustbin. Smart Dustbin upperside will contain common surface where waste will be detected. After detection half portion of dustbin will be opened based on wet or dry portion decided.

Problem - Detection algorithm has to be developed for which sensors also needed. Command based or voice based smart dustbin is been solved at many places in India i.e. customer needs to say wet or dry after giving waste to dustbin. We want that dustbin should do it automatically. No voice or command required.

Users – Everyone residing in India

Expected Outcomes - Smart Dustbin with better efficiency Self dustbin working on smart algorithm to decide waste. Need to design Smart Dustbin with best sensors residing inside Dustbin.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics Engineer

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