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TIG Welding duplex metal with SS316 in a multiple pass welding
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Problem Statement - TIG Welding duplex metal with SS316 in a multiple pass welding.

Challenge description with context - After one pass, the metallurgy of the joint changes, so the second pass becomes difficult after the solidification of the first weldment.

Problem - Welding of the said two materials is anyway difficult because of the nature of the metals. Thick plates cannot be welded in a single pass. The difficulty arises during multi-pass welding. So, a way has to be devised to weld the two thick plates using multi-pass welding method.

Users – Automotive production companies, automotive suppliers, Fabrication Industries

Expected Outcomes - Decreased cost of production. Decreased time. Increased production rate. Decreased resource consumption. The success in solving the problem will lead to a great relief to the industries welding such kind of metals.

Probable Discipline – Mechanical Engineer

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