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Asset tracking over Bluetooth Mesh network
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Problem Statement - Asset tracking over Bluetooth Mesh network

Challenge description with context - 1. Design of the Hardware modules to support Bluetooth Mesh network 2. Firmware for the Bluetooth Mesh network 3. Hardware for Asset tag having Bluetooth radio. (BLE-Beacon)

Problem - The asset tracker requires location information. The bluetooth-ble based mesh network can provide this information for the small scale network. Further this is a very low power solution compared to GPS based solution.

Users – Industry, Scientists, Application Enables, Warehouse holders, Farmers (Animal tracking), Wild animal monitoring

Expected Outcomes - L Design of the Bluetooth -BLE module hardware l Design of the BLE-Beacon Tags l Design of the firmware to support bluetooth-ble Mesh. Low power asset tracking in remote or no-coverage area

Probable Discipline – Electronics Engineer

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