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To detect heart sound with wireless technology
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Problem Statement - To detect heart sound with wireless technology.

Challenge description with context - Heart sound is the vital parameter to access the state of cardiac function. Abnormal heart rate profile during the exercise and recovery is the predictor of sudden death because the incidents of cardiovascular diseases increase year by year. As a result development of wireless technology, to diagnose and analyse heart sound will become the new method to tract cardiovascular disease.

Problem - It helps the patient for early detection of irregular heart rhythm is the only tools for the correct diagnose of any acute cardiac and valvular anomaly.

Users – Doctors, Ambulatory staff.

Expected Outcomes - Patients heart sound can be detected with wireless technology. If used on the emergency the data can be sent to hospital before patient reach to the hospital so doctor can interact immediately to the nursing and ambulatory staff. This device will help the ambulatory staff for onsite assessment of heart activity. Major traumatic condition can be avoided with this device, large number of cardiac patients in India as per Indian people lifestyle. So, this device will play a major role.

Probable Discipline – Electronics Engineer and Biomedical Engineer

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