Dust repellent rubber paint

Problem Statement - Dust repellent rubber paintChallenge description with context - It is anti-microbial in nature. Metal shi...

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Problem Statement - Dust repellent rubber paint

Challenge description with context - It is anti-microbial in nature. Metal shield Nano-technology based dust water repellent coating for metal ceramic it protects metal like chimneys, gas stove, fan, fences, car motorcycle wheel rims any other metal items. It also protects ceramic items like: ceramic tiles, washbasin, and commode, show pieces any other item for a long time. It has a scratch resistant transparent lamination. Metal shield self-cleaning very durable metal shield reduces the requirement of using labour, detergents water

Problem - It works without affecting the original feel and appearance it is specially designed is anti-corrosive rust proof. It can directly apply on metal surfaces including copper, bronze, aluminium, galvanized steel stainless steel. Suitable for household’s appliances, nuts bolts and other galvanized articles

Users – Civil Construction Industries, Metal Industries, Indoor and Outdoor applications, Paint & Coating Industries

Expected Outcomes - It should be heat reflective insulating cool coating product. Ideal for commercial and residential buildings the coating reflects sunlight to a greater extent and keep the temperature of interiors cools and comfortable. It will be helpful for anti-graffiti coatings or treatments since they require resistance to wear abrasion. This techniques are used to fabricate wear resistant liquid repellent transparent coatings so that researchers can assess various aptitudes.

Probable Discipline – Chemical Engineer