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Designing of portable and low-cost ECG m-health
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Problem Statement - Designing of portable and low-cost ECG m-health

Challenge description with context - To develop a system for early detection and altering of the onset of heart diseases. The system consists of wireless, easily wearable, web application which predicts potential heart attack and send risk alters to the medical experts for the assessment. If a potential heart attack risk exists, an emergency ambulance is being called with the help of coordinates of patient’s device. Timely reaction can prevent serious tissue damage or even death to the user of the system.

Problem - With the help of M- health technology, doctor can assess the patient anywhere also detect real time monitoring of patients heart. It helps the patient for early detection of irregular heart rhythm is the only tools for the correct diagnose of any acute cardiac anomaly.

Users – Doctor portable and low-cost, Ambulatory staff, Patients

Expected Outcomes - Low cost & portable real time ECG detection send accurate information to the doctor’s device Real time monitoring of ECG signal. This device will help the ambulatory staff for onsite assessment of heart activity. Major traumatic condition can be avoided with this device. There are large number of cardiac patients in India as per Indian people lifestyle. So, this device will play a

Probable Discipline – Electronics and Biomedical Engineer

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