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Digitalization of Production Details
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Problem Statement - Digitalization of Production Details

Challenge description with context - This industry the different parts of the industrial pumps are manufactured. The no. Of these parts/ products is very large (in Hundreds). Presently the details related to production and information required for the manufacturing are written manually in the notebook and the record is kept in this form only. This form of record keeping has got many disadvantages/limitations and also it is very difficult to find any details immediately form this form of record keeping.

Problem – The details related to production/manufacturing and products should be available digitally.

Users – The persons from the industry

Expected Outcomes - The authorized persons (i.e. Head of Production Dept) from the industry should be able to see, add, modify (etc.) details related to production/different products and they should be reminded about the details at the time of production of that details.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science, Information Technology

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