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Use of Neem coated urea in other industry
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Problem Statement - Use of Neem coated urea in other industry.

Challenge description with context - Govt of India have projected a concept of Neem coated Urea in order to reduce the use of subsidized Urea for other than agriculture section. However, Quality of neem coated urea in poor and other industry are also using subsidized neem coated urea for their application. So need to find better alternative than neem coated urea so subsidized urea is only available for formers.

Problem – Need to find better alternative for Neem coated urea so commercialized use of subsidized urea is reduces.

Users – Farmers

Expected Outcomes - Commercial use of Urea is reduced. Farmer get availability of urea when required. Subsidy of Urea is reduced. Govt. Budget will be saved.

Probable Discipline – Chemical Engineer

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