Wireless water level sensor

Problem Statement - Wireless water level sensorChallenge description with context - In most of the houses when an overhead wa...

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Problem Statement - Wireless water level sensor

Challenge description with context - In most of the houses when an overhead water tank gets filled, it overflows and excess water tends to get wasted. To overcome this problem, presently a 'water guard with sensor' is available which stops motor pump when the tank gets filled. This water guard requires long wiring. Presently this problem exists especially in urban areas where most of buildings are multi-storeyed, it causes several complications including high initial cost of installation and periodic maintenance.

Problem – Water level sensor signal can be transmitted without wire using wireless system

Users – All multi-storeyed residential buildings

Expected Outcomes - Water level sensor status can be transmitted with a wireless system, where signals can be received by water guard control unit and thus process it. The wiring from terrace to pump house can be eliminated and thus the entire system can be made hassle-free.

Probable Discipline – Electronics Engineer