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IOT based Patient Health Monitoring System
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Problem Statement - IOT based Patient Health Monitoring System

Challenge description with context - Whenever any person is critically ill needs to be taken to the hospital through ambulance. While travelling through ambulance the major problem is the doctor is unable to attend the patient or monitor situation of the patient. And due to this majority of death happens in the ambulances.

Problem – The system will facilitate the doctors to monitor the health and condition of the patient during the travel between patients place and hospital.

Users – Hospitals, Doctors and Ambulances.

Expected Outcomes - The system should be facilitated such that it should continuously send data of patient to the server from which the doctor can monitor the health condition of the patient. An android app which will make doctors and hospital staff to monitor the condition. The life of the person can be saved who are travelling through the ambulance in critical condition.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics, Biomedical Engineer

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