IOT based Universal Data Logger

Problem Statement - IOT based Universal Data LoggerChallenge description with context - The major issues related to the proce...

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Problem Statement - IOT based Universal Data Logger

Challenge description with context - The major issues related to the process control industries are as follows: There are many physical properties are to be monitored and for each there will be a separate sensor. So for each sensor separate data logger is required. Now if we want to have data logging of all the sensors on a common platform it is much difficult, as there will be necessity of many data loggers. If the plant supervisor or manager wants to monitor from remote location it is almost impossible and they have to rely on.

Problem – There will be reduction in the requirements of the data loggers with only one variety of data loggers which can be connected with every sensor. There will be live monitoring facility of the process control industry from any place in the world. So the safety of the plant will be increased.

Users – Plant supervisors, Managers and Owners of Process Control Industries

Expected Outcomes - The system should be facilitated such that it should continuously send data of any of the sensor connected with it over various ports compatible with industrial automation standards. The data logged from the logger should be continuously been uploaded on. The process control industries will be safer, smarter and more efficient.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics Engineer