GSM based Monitoring System

Problem Statement - GSM based process condition monitoringChallenge description with context - In any process industry, monit...

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Problem Statement - GSM based process condition monitoring

Challenge description with context - In any process industry, monitoring of different parameters of the process is critical for efficient operation of the plant. If the monitoring of critical parameters is available to the concerned person through GSM then necessary action can be taken immediately.

Problem – Development GSM based system which will constantly intimate about the critical parameters of the process to the responsible person, and GSM based control may also be activated depending upon the application. Also down time of a particular process can be noted and the effect on the overall production can be noted to take necessary measures.

Users – Small and Large scale process industries

Expected Outcomes - Development of a prototype of small process plant, parameters of which are monitored through GSM. By constant monitoring of the parameters the downtime can be reduced to the minimum and production can be increased significantly.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science and Information Technology