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Wireless Energy Meter based on GSM Modem/IOT
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Problem Statement - Wireless Energy Meter based on GSM Modem/IOT

Challenge description with context - Today, government or private organizations need to personally visit the industries for checking the energy ratings. This is quite difficult to visit and audit the energy ratings. As day-by-day industries are growing, it would be more difficult to audit personally. There may be case of corruption in the audit of energy measurement. To cure these problems wireless energy meter can be installed to accurate and time to time measurement.

Problem – Easy and autonomous Audit of energy measurement

Users – Any Government or Private Organization dealing with Energy Measurement

Expected Outcomes - No need to visit personally to the industries for audit all the energy meters are audited remotely, Power will saved, less financial requirement, Fast reading of energy meters, All data can be saved directly.

Probable Discipline – Electronics Engineer

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