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Retro Fitting Of Electric Kit In Existing Ic Engine Scooters For Making Electric And Petrol Hybrid Scooters
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Problem Statement - Retro Fitting of Electric Kit in existing IC engine Scooters for making electric and petrol hybrid scooters.

Challenge description with context - Development of such model which have 50km/hr speed, 40km/charge electric mileage and 40km/l petrol mileage.

Problem – Reduction of running cost of scooters as petrol rates is increases and ultimate decreasing air pollution as e scooters are Zero Emission Vehicle

Users – People who use IC engine scooters. It means all existing scooter users.

Expected Outcomes - By developing such model to give an intermediate platform to existing scooters users to change from IC engine to pure E Scooters for reduction in running cost and saving environment. For lower middle class families in India whose daily routine or business/Job dependent on scooters or bike to provide them an economic boost by economical solution and stoppage of Air pollution for better human being life.

Probable Discipline – Automobile Engineer

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