Mitigation Of Harmonics In Electrical System

Problem Statement - Mitigation of Harmonics in Electrical SystemChallenge description with context - The power quality (PQ) p...

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Problem Statement - Mitigation of Harmonics in Electrical System

Challenge description with context - The power quality (PQ) problems in power utility distribution systems are not new, but only recently their effects have gained public awareness. Advances in semiconductor device technology have fuelled a revolution in power electronics over the past decade, and there are indications that this trend will continue. However, the power electronics based equipment which include adjustable-speed motor drives, electronic power supplies, DC motor drives, battery chargers, electronic ballasts are responsible.

Problem – In the firm named as given above have the manufacturing process of cloths, where they use AC drives driven by PLC for production process. All these AC drives containing power electronics based inverter unit for the speed control of AC machine. The problem statement is designed to solve the issue of power quality degraded by this power electronics inverter by introducing the harmonics filter in parallel with load system to improve the quality of power given to an inverter.

Users – 1. Manufacturing Industries. 2. PLC based AC drives users

Expected Outcomes - After designing this project, it is expected to have the output of an inverter used in PLC drive will be near to sine wave and increases the performance and efficiency of the AC motor. The system can improve the efficiency and indirectly it will reduce the energy generation cost and so as gives benefit to the society.

Probable Discipline – Electrical Engineer