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Development Of Control Logic Using The CODAC Core System
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Problem Statement - Development of control logic using the CODAC core system and Industrial Control Library (ICL) for Cryoplant Termination Cold Box (CTCB)

Challenge description with context - ITER cryogenic system is responsible to supply cryogenic cooling power to various users namely Superconducting magnets, Cryopumps etc. At 4K, 50K and 80K temperature levels. The source of the cryogenic power is 03 Nos. Of Cryoplant of capacity 25kw @ 4.5K each and operated in parallel configuration. The Cryoplant Termination Cold Box (CTCB) acts as an interconnection cold box to switch between the number of cryoplants and the application users. 

Problem – To implement the typical PLC logics for the Cryoplant Termination Cold Box (CTCB), namely; Analog Input / Output acquisition, Digital Input / Output acquisition, PID Control loop implementation, Interlock implementation, Operation mode implementation, Permissive implementation To understand the functionality and usage of the ICL app gen tool to generate the required configuration files for PLC and HMI Interface with the CODAC core system and development of typical HMI using the ICL.

Users – ITER-India Cryo Group

Expected Outcomes - Developed source codes of the PLC and CODAC core systems. A brief report summarizing all procedures followed for logic development. Reference for control logic development

Probable Discipline – Aeronautics, Mechanical Engineer

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