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Maintain Production And Make Use Of Peanut Plant To Give More Benefits To Farmers
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Problem Statement - Due to season unbalance, different soil type, irrigation problem and critical diseases; PEANUT production decreasing so there should be solution for this to maintain production and make use other part of peanut plant to give more benefits to Farmers.

Challenge description with context - Challenge is Identification of reasons behind the low production of peanut and how to use it's extra parts for more benefits.

Problem – Farmers will be able to farm peanut in any soil type and will get expected production of peanut.

Users – Farmers, industries and other peanut related peoples.

Expected Outcomes - Increased production of peanut, overcome particular soil type needs and financial benefits. Expected production of peanut, by increased production will give benefits to government also because of their role towards Farmers service

Probable Discipline – Agriculture, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics Engineer

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