SMART ATM Security

Problem Statement - ATM is not as much secured as it should be.Challenge description with context - While doing transaction t...

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Problem Statement - ATM is not as much secured as it should be.

Challenge description with context - While doing transaction through ATM a question pops out in our mind that is our money secured or what would happen if someone tries to do transaction without permission. So basically in Automated teller machine if we insert an ATM card and we know the pin so we can take out the money no matter if we are the true owner of that card or not. So there can be cases of robbery, stealing card, getting the pin information and as a result a person can lose all his/her money.

Problem - So in order to prevent such cases of peculation what we can do is, we can insert an additional step to complete the transaction and that would be installing fingerprint scanner and camera. We will try to make a network of trusted people which will include a group of 5 and those 5 will be able to do transaction from a particular card, no one else can do it and if someone else tries to do so, and fails to get his/her fingerprint matched then automatically a message will be sent to the owner.

Users – ATM card owners

Expected Outcomes - Less case of embezzlement in ATM transactions. ATM transactions would be much more secured.

Probable Discipline – Information technology