Auto Water Curing System

Problem Statement - Automatic Water curing system in constructed concrete structure.Challenge description with context - One...

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Problem Statement - Automatic Water curing system in constructed concrete structure.

Challenge description with context - One Of the most versatile materials for use in construction is Concrete. The present civilization is hallmarked by use of concrete in construction. Curing is a procedure that is adopted to promote the hardening of concrete under conditions of humidity and temperature which are conducive to the progressive and proper setting of the constituent cement. It’s a process for maintaining proper moisture and temperature throughout the strengthening period. 

Problem - Challenge of curing process is use of less water by any innovative drip curing method with regular interval of time. It is required to develop system is directly sprinkling water when temperature of concrete is rise.

Users – Civil engineer, industrial, R& B Department, irrigation department, hydraulic structure, builders, Contractor, Geotechnical engineer, Structural engineer, Foundation engineer.

Expected Outcomes - Curing process also increasing strength and make more durable of concrete structure. This method can save up to 80 per cent of water which used in curing process in construction. Kept surrounding area clean and hygienic. The flow of water is controlled. 

Probable Discipline – Civil Engineer