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IOT Based Accident Prone Device
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Problem Statement - IOT based Accident Prone Device

Challenge description with context - Whenever any person gets accident, needs to be given with first aid or taken to the hospital immediately. While travelling through your own vehicle alone like bicycle or bike if person gets accident, it will be much difficult to provide first aid in some areas. And due to this majority of death happens. 

Problem - The system will send data of the person who got accident with the current location immediately to the central control room like 108. So immediately one can get assistance in the crucial time of injury.

Users – Cyclist, Bikers.

Expected Outcomes - The system should be such that it should immediately send data of person who got accident to the control room from which the assistance can be provided. The life of the person can be saved who are travelling through the bicycle or bike in rural areas.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics

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