Pre-Paid Energy Meter

Problem Statement - Pre-paid Energy MeterChallenge description with context - For the staff members of the PGCVL and for the...

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Problem Statement - Pre-paid Energy Meter

Challenge description with context - For the staff members of the PGCVL and for the consumers this method of electrical energy billing system using the energy meter and physical bill issuing is not very convenient. So, if the present energy meters are replaced by the prepaid energy meters (like the prepaid mobile phones), then the whole billing system would become very easy. The prepaid energy meter should have the features like availability of the electrical power supply to the consumers only when minimum balance is maintained.

Problem - The complete design with all the hardware and software solution of Pre-paid Energy Meter should be made available. This design should be such that then it should ne user friendly and technically feasible.

Users – The Staff members of PGVCL and the consumers

Expected Outcomes - The pre-paid meter with the complete hardware and software design solution should be available with all the desired features. The practical implementation of the pre-paid energy meters by the PGVCL would be beneficial to both the company and the consumers and they get relieved from the present tedious electrical energy billing system.

Probable Discipline –Electrical Engineer