Signal Transmission Using Li-Fi

Problem Statement - Transmission of signal and data using li-fi technologyChallenge description with context - With the onset...

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Problem Statement - Transmission of signal and data using li-fi technology

Challenge description with context - With the onset of modern communication, and the increase in the bandwidth usage that led to its congestion, it is paramount that we find an alternative or a faster means of communication. Light Fidelity more commonly referred to as Li-Fi- is one such concept that is gaining momentum to become the possible alternative. In Li-Fi, the data is transmitted in several bit-streams through high-speed flickering of the LED bulb and decoded on the receiver side which consists of a photo- detector

Problem - Li Fi is a fast and cheap wireless-communication system. The increasing demand for higher bandwidths, faster and more secure data transmission as well as environmental and undoubtedly human friendly technology heralds the start of a major shift in wireless technology, a shift from RF to optical wireless technologies. The possibilities are numerous and research can provide us with many solutions. This technology can be used to make every LED bulb into a Li-Fi hotspot to transmit data wire

Users – Students Company's staff School staff School Computer lab facility

Expected Outcomes - Long distance travelling with higher rate Up to 100GB

Probable Discipline – Electronics Engineer