IOT Based Industrial Automation

Problem Statement - IOT Based Industrial AutomationChallenge description with context - This Industry manufactures DC drives...

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Problem Statement - IOT Based Industrial Automation

Challenge description with context - This Industry manufactures DC drives for controlling heavy machineries in large-scale industries like steel industry, automobile industries, furnaces, etc. So, it is difficult for the maintenance team from Amess Control to diagnose the problem in the Drive on the site. At many places like furnace, heaters and places where extreme temperatures are measured, IOT makes the work of the technician easy by controlling the machineries at safe distance.

Problem - Remote maintenance, Remote fault finding, Remote operation, Machine learning and deep learning (patterns of machinery usage)

Users – Technicians in Industry, Product Manufacturers, Maintenance team and R&D team.

Expected Outcomes - Monitoring and control of machineries. Avoiding human interactions with machineries directly. Quick recovery of the machineries. Remote access will help industry to run in it optimum capacity. Fault finding before major damage will help in financial savings and save life of workers. Personalised updates to the clients according to the usage pattern.

Probable Discipline – Electronics Engineer