IOT Based Air Pollution Monitoring And Controlling System

Problem Statement - IOT based air pollution monitoring and controlling system.Challenge description with context - In this pr...

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Problem Statement - IOT based air pollution monitoring and controlling system.

Challenge description with context - In this project we are joining to monitor continuing air pollution with graph. This is IOT based project so we can obtain graph of pollution from anywhere to earth as well we are controlling pollution using high voltage generation. This high voltage can be pollution affected air molecules circuit of high voltage generation is pairs of capacitors and diodes. Air can be also purified by the rays and rays can kill danger virus.

Problem - Air pollution is increasing in today atmosphere because of vehicle smoke factory smoke and denger gases like carbon monoxide. This problem gives rise in global warming. This can be solved by air purifier Ionizer.

Users – Industries and factories.

Expected Outcomes - Pollution reduces and environment will more pure. This system is helpful for en environment department for in Industries, in factory in home, offices

Probable Discipline – Electronics and Electrical Engineer