Intruder Tracking Using WSN

Problem Statement - Intruder tracking using wireless sensor networksChallenge description with context - Target tracking in w...

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Problem Statement - Intruder tracking using wireless sensor networks

Challenge description with context - Target tracking in wireless sensor network (wsn) is the major problem in this application. Target tracking in the given application mainly deals with locating moving objects and finding the average speed of the moving object and being able to track its movements

Problem - Nowadays, almost all the countries are facing threats from terrorists and intruders from their border areas, challenging the internal security of the country in those areas. So many civilian and military applications require locating an intruder in a secured area. Target tracking, data processing and analysis play a major role in this type of applications. The proposed system is to develop a centralized computer application that needs to identify moving objects in a specific area using sensors.

Users - Civilian and military applications

Expected Outcomes - Implementation and testing of tracking system using wireless sensor network. The human intruder can also be detected using a passive infrared (PIR) sensor

Probable Discipline – Electronics and Electrical