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Bring Automation In The Field Of Farming
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Problem Statement - Bring automation in the field of farming. Farmer can control farming activities like irrigation, fertilization, Crop monitoring etc, using an android application. Moreover we are creating a smart farm which guides the farmer about soil parameters.

Challenge description with context - We are making a smart farm blended with sensors and IOT platform that brings the useful data of soil like moisture, humidity, Ph, temperature, etc. to the cloud(internet) which can be monitored by the farmer anytime on an android application and on that basis of the predicted rainfall, market prices of the crops and obtained soil data through sensors. The application itself suggests which crop to be grown to get maximum profit on the basis of present soil conditions.

Problem - Automated smart farm solves the problem of crop selection on the basis of present time soil characteristics. Regular remainder for various activities of crop development life cycle. Soil watering and irrigation can be controlled using mobile phone without visiting farm through IOT . Crop monitoring can done using image processing through drone photography which can be controlled using phone. A digital analysis wing can be made for government for farming sector analysis and statistics.

Users - Farmers, government

Expected Outcomes - Smart decisions regarding farming can be taken by farmers for maximum economic growth. Automated farming activities (irrigation, fertilization) flexible crop monitoring from phone, runtime governmental monitoring system for nation/state wise analysis of agricultural activities

Probable Discipline – Computer Science and Information Technology

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