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Certificate Course on Basics of Aircraft
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Basics of Aircraft Training program is very valuable especially in mechanical/Aero domain and help students achieve their career goals in a short period of time. This is a basic and an introductory program that provides students in understanding the basics of Aircraft, Types, functions and future of Aircraft. It also provides a foundation on interpreting the underlying principles behind Flight. Through this program the participants can gain knowledge on Aircraft, their usage, materials, Cost and failures.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Flight
  • Chapter 2: Physics of Flight
  • Chapter 3: Types of Aircrafts
  • Chapter 4: Aircraft Parts and Functions
  • Chapter 5: Loads and Materials
  • Chapter 6: Aircraft Control System
  • Chapter 7: Aircraft Failures
  • Chapter 8: Future of Aircraft

Learning Outcomes

The participants will be able to:

  • Understand fundamentals of flight
  • Types of Aircraft.
  • Parts and their functions.
  • Materials used in an Aircraft
  • Control Systems
  • Aircraft Failures
  • Future of an Aircraft

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for students and professional of Diploma/BE/ME in the line of Mechanical/Aerospace/Industrial Production and interested individuals.

Job Prospects

  • Aerospace Engineers, Mechanical Engineers
  • Design Engineer, Stress Engineers
  • FEA Analyst, Process Engineers
  • Material Specialist, Propulsion Engineer
  • Project Engineers, Repair Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers, Composite Specialist
  • CFD analyst
  • Technical Support Engineers and other roles

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