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Direct Ready Engineer Programme (RE) and Distance Ready Engineer Programme

The purpose of the Ready Engineer programme is to bridge the engineering industry talent gap by educating and mentoring aspiring young engineers. The aim is to be a catalyst in reducing the academia-industry gap and ensure that the future engineers are ready for the industry. Supported by KRACKiN, expert engineers give 40 hours of classroom training related to the core mechanical modules to selected and exemplary students. However, the direct ready engineer model faces several challenges such as insufficient time availability of employee volunteers, lack of infrastructure at various colleges, etc., hence in fiscal year 2016, the Company converged all its efforts to increase its reach to the students by leveraging modern technology.

Furthermore, the significant acceptance of the RE model among students and institutes encouraged us to pilot the “Distance Ready Engineer” programme in fiscal year 2015. This model adopts a “train the trainer” approach to expedite the training deliverables and reach a maximum number of engineering students. A network of professors across three states, including Maharashtra, Karnataka and Jharkhand, have been trained by expert engineers. During fiscal year 2016, the company reached a remarkable, 3,140 students in 24 colleges compared to 218 students in fiscal year 2015.

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