Climate Resilient Cities and Disaster Management

Urban Climate professionals trained through this course are prepared to plan climate resilient cities and chalk propositions...

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Urban Climate professionals trained through this course are prepared to plan climate resilient cities and chalk propositions on preparedness required for the city and citizens during climate related hazards. They are thorough with basics of adaptation, mitigation and vulnerability assessment techniques required for city development. They have strong understanding of policy framework and financing required for implementation of resilient cities.


Module 1 : Climate Change Basics


 This unit is about understanding climate change science and its consequences.

  It deals with climate change more in relevance to urban areas.


 • Phenomenon of Climate Change and Global Warming: An alarming Environmental Issue

 • International Environmental treaties for Carbon Emission Reduction (Kyoto, UNFCCC, COP 21, IPCC) 

 • Urbanization Process and Cities as Contributors to climate change (Urban Mobility, Infrastructure etc)

 • Introduction to integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Urban Planning 

 • Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: Case studies

Module 2 : Climate Change Adaption and Resilience


This unit is about developing design capability to respond to local climate and site conditions to minimize GHG emissions without compromising on human comfort.


Mitigation and Adaptation for Climate Change 

Effects of Climate Change on cities (Urban Flooding, Energy and water scarcity) 

Overview of vulnerability assessment & techniques for developing adaptation and resilience options. 

Building Climate Resilience for cities

Climate Resilience Framework: Deming’s cycle/PDCA cycle) 

Hands-on exercise

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge on Science of Climate change & Global warming.
  • Strategic Response to climate change: Adaptation and Mitigation.
  • Building climate resilient cities; design elements and process.
  • Understanding economics relevant to climate change finances: Green Bonds, Green Climate Funds.
  • Disaster Management for Cities.
  • Mapping and Interpretation using GIS.

Who should attend?

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science/ Botany/Geology/Zoology/Meteorology/Ecology
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental/Civil Engineering/Bachelor of Architecture

Job Prospects

  • Resilience Planner
  • Climate Change Expert
  • Environmental Planner/ Scientist
  • Technical Research Analyst
  • Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Executive Analyst


After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “ Climate Resilient Cities and Disaster Management ” certification.

If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'