Biomedical Waste Management

The main aim of the course is to create essential knowledge and skills in health care waste and equip the learners to manage...


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The main aim of the course is to create essential knowledge and skills in health care waste and equip the learners to manage & monitor generation & handling of BMW in various institutions like hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, nursing homes, Biotechnology institutions, blood banks, Medical research and training centers effectively and safely and safeguard the community against adverse health impact of health care waste.


Module 1: Basics of BMW

A broad overview on BMW

Volume of BMW in India versus the world

The global trading issues

Health implications of improper handling of BMW, supported by Case Studies

Module 2 : Global and Indian Polices  

The Global Policies

The Indian Policies relevant to BMW management and handling

How effective is the implementation of such policies laid down by GoI?

The challenges faced in implementing such policies in India

Module 3 : The BMW Rules Notifies by The Government Of India

Obligations, Responsibilities, Management and Handling of BMW Rules laid down by GoI

Identifying the sources and gaps – aspects/hazards and impacts/risks;

Development of Company Policy on BMW-waste; and relevant Objectives and Targets;

Development of Management System Manual for BMW Management;

Development of Techno-Economic Feasibility Analysis;

Development of Compliance Check-list;

Development of Standard Operating and Procedures and Management Programmes;

Development of a periodic Monitoring and Internal Review Plan, followed by a process for            External Evaluation at regular intervals

Module 4 : The Implications Of BMW in  India’s Economy

The market size of BMW in India

The current and potential impact on India’s economy on account of BMW

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding Bio-  Wastes
  • Skills to manage & operate health care waste effectively and safely
  • Knowledge on existing legislation and practices 
  • Knowledge on Health Care Waste Management as per ISO
  • Treatment and disposal of BMW in a scientific and systematic manner
  • Knowledge on developing an effective framework for its management

Who Should Attend?

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Biology, Biotechnology, 
  • Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering, Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of 
  • Commerce, Master of Business Administration,
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Environmental 
  • Management/ Environmental Science

Job Prospects

  • Biomedical waste manager 
  • Biomedical maintenance engineer
  • Plant Manager- Biomedical waste Processing units
  • Quality Manager
  • Environment health and safety (EHS) manager Analyst


After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “Biomedical Waste Management ” certification.

If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'