Entrepreneurship and Small Business

The main goal of studying entrepreneurship and small business is to identify the role and importance of an entrepreneur in th...


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The main goal of studying entrepreneurship and small business is to identify the role and importance of an entrepreneur in the development of a nation. It mainly focuses on analyzing the impact of entrepreneurs on the economy, describing the theories of entrepreneurship, emergence of entrepreneurial class in India, factors affecting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial competencies, characteristics and relevance of small scale enterprises. This course also describes the concept and nature of entrepreneurships, entrepreneurship opportunities in tourism and problems of entrepreneurship in travel trade. This course also discusses the entrepreneurial and management issues in tourism and hospitality industry with the help of case studies.


Module 1: Introduction To Entrepreneurship

Concept Of Entrepreneur, Distinction Of Entrepreneur And Manager, Functions Of An Entrepreneur, Qualities Of A Successful Entrepreneur, Types Of Entrepreneurs, Concept And Nature Of Entrepreneurships, Entrepreneurship Opportunities In Tourism, Problems of Entrepreneurship In Travel Trade.

Module 2: Development Of Entrepreneurship In India

Emergence Of Entrepreneurial Class In India, Environmental Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Competencies, Small Scale Enterprises, Characteristics & Relevance Of Small Scale Enterprises, Role Of Entrepreneurship In Sse and Economic Development.

Module 3: Entrepreneurial Motivation

Concept And Theories Of Motivation, Motives For Starting Enterprises, Testing Entrepreneurial Motivation, Developing Achievement Motivation And Entrepreneurial Behaviour.

Module 4: Establishing A Small Enterprise

The Start-Up Process, Project Identification, Selection Of The Product, Project Formulation, Assessment Of Project Feasibility, Analysis Of Project, Preparation Of Project Report, Selection Of Site/ Location And Legal Considerations.

Module 5: The Case Studies

Management Issues In Tourism And Hospitality Industry, Entrepreneurial Case Studies Of Major Travel Agencies And Tour Operator I.E., Cox & Kings, Raj Travels, Sotc, Etc. Hotels I.E.,Taj, Radisson, Welcome, Etc.

Learning Outcomes

  •     Describe the concept of entrepreneur
  •     Describe the concept and nature of entrepreneurships
  •     Describe the emergence of entrepreneurial class in India
  •     Outline the process of testing entrepreneurial motivation
  •     Identify the entrepreneurial issues in travel

Who Should Attend?

  •     Management Students
  •     Graduates with Management background

Job Prospects

  •     Strategy Partner
  •     Business Partner
  •     Program Associate
  •     Retail Outlet Incharge
  •     Account Assistant


After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “Entrepreneurship and Small Business” certification.

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