Ad Creative and Campaign Planning

The main goal of studying Ad Creative and Campaign Planning is to understand how to make creative advertisements and plan a c...


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The main goal of studying Ad Creative and Campaign Planning is to understand how to make creative advertisements and plan a campaign. In today’s competitive world, for organisations, it is important to not only design a unique product but also advertise it in such a manner that it can readily grab the attention of the potential customers. For this purpose, organisations use creativity with unique idea of advertisement. Creativity enables organisations to present their products or services in a manner that it leaves long-lasting effect on its viewer.


Module 1: Introduction to Creativity

Meaning of creativity in advertising; Stages in creative process; Making of creative briefs; Learning how to use; Creative thinking models/techniques; Ideation, lateral thinking, brainstorming, thinking hats, random word generation, get up and go out

Module 2: Creating Advertising Appeals

Rational and emotional Advertising; Conveying the big idea; viral advertising; Advertising beyond print and the small screen

Module 3: Campaign Planning

Defining campaign planning; Situation planning, advertising objectives; other prospects; Budget, media types and vehicles, creation and production of message; the planning cycle

Module 4: Budget Settings

What is budget?; Steps involved in budget planning and execution; Factors determining budget for an advertisement; Message Strategy; What to say, how to say

Module 5: Measurements Of Results

Criteria for judging campaign results; Sales, awareness, purchase intention scale, measuring emotional response of consumers, GRPs, other factors

Learning Outcomes

  • Review the meaning of creativity in advertising
  • State how to use created briefs
  • Summarise budget plan and execution
  • Analyse how to convey the ideas in advertising
  • Outline situation planning and advertising objectives

        Who Should Attend?

        • Management Students
        • Graduates with Management background

        Job Prospects

        • Creative Campaign Executive
        • Digital Marketing Executive
        • Marketing Business Analyst
        • Google Adword Specialist
        • Marketing Executive


        After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “Ad Creative and Campaign Planning” certification.

        If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'.