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This course will introduce the students to the basics of a Learning organisation, the paradigm shift in thinking required to...


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This course will introduce the students to the basics of a Learning organisation, the paradigm shift in thinking required to build a learning organisation. This course also introduces the concept of learning to students and also looks at the trails of lifelong creators.


Module 1: The Paradigm of Learning Organizations

The paradigm of learning organisations, lessons in learning and creativity, learning organisations – paradigm of strategy and management, life-long creates trails of lifelong creators, model of lifelong creativity, mastering creative problems, solving, models of creative problems solving, model of creative intelligence, convergent thinking, acquiring a creative persona, techniques of creative problem solving and creativity.

Module 2: Techniques of Creative Problem Solving

Techniques of creativity, problem decomposition, information search, breaking stereotyped response, unblocking, mutual stimulation, imaging, fusioning, ideating, extremisation and dialectical, brainstorming, the when of creativity techniques – attributing changing and morphological analysis.

Module 3: Building A Learning Organizations

What is learning organisations – nature of learning enterprises, skills needed by learning organisations, three phases of learning, learning implies unlearning, adaptive and generative learning, building a learning organisation, knowledge intensive organisation.

Module 4: Techniques Methods and Approaches To Learning Organizations

Learning companies fostering knowledge and learning, a brief overview of some techniques, methods and approaches, learning organisations and management of change – activities and case studies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyse the model of lifelong creativity
  • Analyse the paradigm shifts in thinking required in learning organisations
  • Analyse the model of creative intelligence
  • Determine the techniques to be used in creative problem-solving in learning organisation

Who Should Attend?

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Master of Business Administration

Job Prospects

  • Organisational Development Executive
  • HR Executive
  • Learning and Development Executive
  • Learning Facilitator


After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “Learning Organisation” certification.

If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'.