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Job Readiness

The Industry Readiness Program is an ‘employability check’ program helps you understand the skills needed for landing with your dream job! Also referred to as The Job Readiness Meter , this program assesses the readiness for your desired job role based on your current skills and industry expectations and bridges that gap.

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Employability check helps students understand the skills needed for landing the dream job

1. Industry Readiness Meter

Seeking yourdream job? Take control of oyur career. Check your employability here to understand how Industry ready you are and identify the skills you need for your dream career. Assess where you stand with your skills and choose from a wide-range of virtual internships with our technology skills platform.

2. Role-Specific Gap Analysiss

Identify and bridge the gap between your current skills and the required skills your specific role. With KRACKiN's Role-Specific Gap Analysis, you can see where your skills stand and master the latest technologies.