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Sector Specialist

Financial and Business Advisory

Sector Specialists are subject matter experts in sectors such as Healthcare, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Security etc. The role involves building Industry Landscape, Sector Definition, identifying interesting Business Models, and Competitor Analysis. This research is used by numerous Venture Funds and Corporates to make their investment decisions. Key Responsibilities 1. Industry Definition   Conduct in-depth research to identify Markets in the Industry.   Eg: Consumer Goods Industry would include Markets like Consumer Electronics, Fashion, FMCG etc. 2. Market Definition Build an in-depth understanding of companies operating in the market. Identify sectors which would be interesting for VC / PE clients for investment. Eg: Consumer Electronics Market would include sectors like Mobiles, Computers, Home Appliances etc. 3. Market Taxonomy Classify the companies in groups and build a detailed taxonomy of the market. Eg: Zomato and FreshMenu would be classified in different groups for the FoodTech segment. Track companies and events in the sector to continuously improve the taxonomy. Build Landscape view of the Market showcasing most important sub-markets. 4. Identify Top Business Models Study Business Models used by companies and evaluate their long term sustainability. Provide rating for business models based on the market size. 5. Competitor Analysis Study the top companies in each market and identify competitors.

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Business Research Secondary Research Industry Research

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