Mobile App Development

The main goal of studying mobile architecture and app development is to understand the architecture of mobile and the principles behind the development and deployment of mobile apps. It enables the students to design the mobile app as per the client’s requirement and audience. With the increasing usage of mobile and its applications in our daily life, organisations require people who are specialised in this subject. As a result, the career prospects in this field have increased. Mobile architecture involves the designing of the mobile network as well as the designing of the mobile handset. For creating a better architecture design, the students need to be aware about the type of electronic communication and network used in mobiles; the hardware and software components of a mobile handset; and the different features of the mobile handset along with their categories. Mobile application development requires the knowledge about the mobile programming tools, the language used for creating mobile apps, app server and its architecture, the operating systems used in mobiles and a detailed knowledge regarding the mobile web applications.

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Programming in Java
Mobile, Wireless and VOIP Security
Introduction to UI and UX



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Suitable Job Roles

  • Android Developer
  • UI Software Developer
  • IOS / Android Developer
  • Oracle ADF Developer
  • WEB Architect

Programming in Java

This Course introduces Computer Programming using Java Programming Language. It gives the detailed explanation in step by step process from basic programming to advance concepts in Java programming that helps to solve real-world problems in a practical manner. Initially explaining the basic principles like Data types, Keywords, Arrays, Lexical issues, etc., Advancing it know about Classes, Inheritance and multithreading to work in a different process environment. It also includes JDBL architecture and API’s.
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Mobile, Wireless and VOIP Security

This course aims at approaching network security for Mobile, Wireless and VoIP networks. It talks about the basics of mobile and wireless communication giving the students complete knowledge about the working, protocols and methods employed to achieve end to end network security. Wireless networks are prone to severe security threats. This course covers security method used in Mobile, Wireless and VoIP networks, the methods and techniques used in mobile forensics and its importance.
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HTML is mostly everywhere present and is most important for each and every human being in one way or the other. It is not restricted to web developers only, rather it’s been a promising career option to the young generation also. This course is generally used in order to develop web pages. Even CSS & JavaScript are also required along with HTML for the creation of web pages. User interfaces are also created with HTML in mobile platforms as well. In this course students will be able to create the web pages for different platforms and will also learn about the basic elements.
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Introduction to UI and UX

User interface plays a vital role in interaction between user and the system. UX is much broader, analytical and higher-level discipline than UI. UX satisfies the exact need of the user or customer. A good product experience starts with UX followed by UI. Both are essential and crucial for the success of a product. Through this course students will be able to learn how the users interact with the computers. They will get to know the different types of models, design process and interaction styles to develop a good user interface. By the end of this course, the students can identify different types of models, design process and interaction styles for developing a good user interface.
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