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Course Level: Intermediate Level

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Introduction to Digital Marketing
Getting More out of a PDF
Digital and Social Media Strategies
How to Improve Your SEO
Selling On Social: A Complete Guide
Growing Your Audience on Instagram
Email Marketing
Developing a Workplace Social Media Policy
Social Media Marketing Techniques
Connect With Your Customers on Social Media
Understanding Viral Content
Instagram for Business
Facebook Marketing Essentials
Marketing Automation
Content Marketing

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Employees everywhere are visiting social media networking sites more than ever. The bigger issue for employers, however, is how social media use impacts productivity and control messaging. So, how are companies managing this? Many are taking a reactive stance by blocking social media altogether, or waiting for employees to “slip up” online, then jumping in with disciplinary action. The challenge with this approach, however, is that by the time the organization learns about the situation, the damage has often been done and irreversable. Automation is probably the answer and a ‘must-have’ for organizations looking to get the most out of their marketing budget. 

This course provides guidance on how to pick the right marketing automation tool for your company, and use it effectively to automate time-consuming marketing tasks. Along the way, get an overview of what each top marketing automation solution has to offer. This course provides an overview of digital marketing and basic marketing principles.


This module will interactively teach to connect with people, influence their behaviour, and hopefully, see better business results by understanding the basic human needs and human behaviour.
"Many people think a PDF is JUST a PDF. You look at it, print it, sometimes fill out a form, email it and done. Nothing else. This tutorial will show you otherwise. You can edit a PDF, add text, add images, copy items, a...
This course defines the digital and social strategy, how to market your business effectively using social media and where to invest your time and efforts wisely.
SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most effective tools for identifying and connecting with new clients — but it only works if you know how to do it. Gary Hughes will share his experience and years in IT a...
"Sell to your customers where they already spend their time – on social media! All of the major platforms are introducing ways to buy in-stream, but few businesses take advantage of these cutting edge features. Find out...
"The power and reach of Instagram is undeniable. Entirely new careers have emerged as a result of it. Being a career ""Instagrammer"" isn't a calling that everyone has, but there's no disputing the career advantages that...
"In this course, you'll learn what email marketing is, the evolution of email as a marketing tool and the various types of email marketing campaigns. You'll be introduced to a range of email marketing tools and learn wh...
"Employees everywhere are visiting social media networking sites more than ever. The bigger issue for employers, however, is how social media use impacts productivity and message control. What are companies doing about i...
Small businesses can't afford not to be active on social media. Having a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account keeps you tuned into your customer base and helps drive traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar store....
"The prospect of having to find time to maintain your social media accounts and continuously create content can be overwhelming for some creative entrepreneurs. Deciding what to post and how to engage your audience can p...
"It’s the Holy Grail for anyone who’s active on social media: going viral. We all want our posts, photos, and videos to grab the attention of a wide swath of the internet so we can achieve our personal and professional g...
Instagram is the preferred app for teens and young adults and can be used as a free marketing tool that is used by 500 million people every day. This course has been carefully created by social media expert, Latasha Jame...
"Whether you own a business or want to be a digital marketing manager, follow the steps in our Facebook Marketing Essentials video course to get the maximum impact from the largest social media platform in the world. F...
"Automation is a must-have for organizations looking to get the most out of their marketing budget. This course provides guidance on how to pick the right marketing automation tool for your company, and use it effectivel...
"Content marketing strategy can create an enduring relationship with your audience. Our expert marketing consultant explains content marketing concepts and benefits, then explores a step-by-step approach for organization...
Career Opportunities

After successfully completing this course, you can look for opportunities as:

  • Online Marketing Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Web Marketing Advisor

  • Internet Marketing Specialist

  • Digital Marketing Executive


After completing this career track the student will be awarded the “Digital Marketing” certification.

If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'.


  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Bachelor of Business administration

  • Master of Business administration

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