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This course enables students to constantly design and execute intelligent and innovative research studies to scan the environment, identify consumer insights, and use those insights to manage the brand. Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most challenging steps in the marketing plan process but it’s a vital step in creating the company brand. Brand value is repeatedly communicated, in multiple ways throughout the life of the business. In this course students will learn to use marketing communication in order to build a brand strategy. This course also discusses how to build a consistent communication strategy which is congruent with core brand values.


Module 1: Account Planning

The Birth of Account Planning, The Need for Account Planning, What Roles does Planning Fulfil?, Typical Characteristics of an Account Planner, Account planning and its stakeholders.

Module 2: Creative Brief

The Creative Brief, Elements in a Creative Brief, Developing a Creative Brief through Research, Research for UNUM insurance – A Case Study, Location for Conducting the Research, Developing the Creative Idea – A Case Study, Developing the Creative Brief in Digital Medium, What is a Media Brief? Media Planning and Strategy.

Module 3: Consumers in India

The Indian Consumer, Current Scenario ,Consumption in Rural Areas, The Way Forward for Marketers, Changes in the Habits of the Indian Shopper, Virtual Shopping, Deals and Discounts, Impulsive Buying, Individualised Shopping, Many Shopping Seasons, Consumer Insights, The In-Store Behaviour of Asian Consumers, The Indian Shopper.

Module 4: Media Mapping

Media Mapping Across Target Groups & Different Products & Services, Translating An Idea Across Different Media & Languages, What Is Media Neutral Or Media Plural, Customizing Tasks Across Media Campaign Management & Reporting.

Module 5: Brand Planning and Ideation

Multi-Media Campaigns Imperatives, Similarities between Traditional Account Planning, Influence of Creative Planners in Ideation. Media — The New Creative Frontier, Synergies Across Ideation & Media Planning & Scheduling, Brand Building Through Creative Planning Across Categories & Domains, Implications For Differing Campaign Tasks and For Differing Target Audiences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enumerate the functions of account planning
  • Discuss the role of various stakeholders involved in account planning
  • Recommend products for various shopping seasons to retail outlets in order to maximise revenue
  • Create advertising campaigns for different media channels
  • Create a strategy for media selection which aligns with the organisational goals
  • Predict the trends which may influence the Indian consumer and device a marketing strategy considering the changing consumer habits. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Management Students
  • Graduates with Management background

Job Prospects

  • Business Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Team Leader Operations
  • Category Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • E-Commerce Executive


After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “Brand Planning and Consumer Insights” certification.

If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'

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