Securities & Derivatives Trading

Trading securities are stocks or bonds that management plans to purchase and sell in order to make money in the short term. In the stock market, you can buy and sell shares of companies. Derivative instruments are available for shares, indices, currencies as well as commodities. 

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Technical Analysis
Derivatives and Commodity Market
Introduction to Capital Market

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Suitable Job Roles

  • Data Analyst
  • Services Data Analytics Engineer
  • Associate Informatics Analysts
  • Technical Analyst
  • Research Analyst

Technical Analysis

This course is designed for students to impart knowledge and skills to take the necessary price actions in the financial markets. It helps in analyzing current demand and supply of commodities, stocks, indices, futures and tradable instruments. The main purpose of this course is to help students identify trend changes, know the turning points and get the best investment results by differentiating various trends in all financial markets and instruments. It is important to know this subject because it shows both market actions and price trends and also provides historical perspective to participants like investors, brokers, and analysts to accurately predict the market movements.
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Derivatives and Commodity Market

Derivatives and commodity Market is an important constituent of the economy of any country. Financial Derivatives as well as Commodity Derivatives have become a fundamental tool in many trading strategies now a days.
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Introduction to Capital Market

As global economy moves through various phases, Indian economy has shown strength and resilience consistently over the years. This makes Indian markets much more attractive to the investors today. Thus, Indian Capital Market has become everyone’s area of interest. Time is right to foster the investment in the markets all across and hence study of the course Capital Market is so important for the students. They not only get to learn the intricacies of  Indian Capital Market but also get opportunity to skill themselves to be an investor, lead manager, investment banker or  a legal professional to get actively involved in the profession of Capital Market. By end of the course, students shall be able to analyze various investments in various markets. They shall also have a basic understanding of procedures, players and legal framework involved in Indian Capital Markets.
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