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KRACKiN Career Tracks are a collection of courses offered by top industry partners to enable you achieve your career goals. You can deep dive into a specific career track and can be assured that the learning will enhance your potential and is very relevant to current job opportunities. You can start with a foundation course and subsequently move to advance courses that will not only enhance your knowledge and skills, but will help you achieve your career goals.


Courses: 8
Write Integration Tests in JavaScript Using Mocha
Write Unit Tests in Solidity
Blockchain Application Development in 7 Days
Learn JavaScript: Build Your Own Blockchain
Learning Blockchain Application Development
Video - The Trust Protocol
Video - The Internet of Things (IoT)
Blockchain Fundamentals Accounting Stream - BLKEBF-A01

Microsoft Office

Courses: 4
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Excel 2019 Advanced
Microsoft Excel 2019 Beginners

Data and Analytics

Courses: 5
Advanced Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science
Making Predictions with Data and Python
Become a Python Data Analyst
Power BI
Learning Tableau 10.x

Digital Marketing

Courses: 15
Content Marketing
Marketing Automation
Facebook Marketing Essentials
Instagram for Business
Understanding Viral Content
Connect With Your Customers on Social Media
Social Media Marketing Techniques
Developing a Workplace Social Media Policy
Email Marketing
Growing Your Audience on Instagram
Selling On Social: A Complete Guide
How to Improve Your SEO
Digital and Social Media Strategies
Getting More out of a PDF
Introduction to Digital Marketing

Accounting and Finance

Courses: 6
Accounting Crash Course, Advanced Topics
Understanding Budgets And Financial Reports
Accounting Crash Course
Business Finance
Basic Bookkeeping
AI in FinTech

Data Analytics

Courses: 3
Data Science with R
Data Visualisation
Data Science with Python


Courses: 3
Fundamentals of Business Taxation

Financial Modelling

Courses: 3
Financial Modelling
Excel and Advanced Excel
Financial Management


Courses: 3
Brand Planning and Consumer Insights
Consumer Behaviour
Business of e-Commerce

Marketing Management

Courses: 3
Strategic Brand Management
Persuasion and Salesmanship
Marketing Management for Business

Accounting Management

Courses: 3
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Cost Accounting
Managerial Accounting

Human Resource Management

Courses: 3
Organisation Development and Change
HR Practices
Organisational Behaviour

Advertising Management

Courses: 3
Brand Planning and Consumer Insights
Advertising Management
Ad Creative and Campaign Planning


Courses: 3
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Entrepreneurship Development
Essentials Of Business Law For Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing

Courses: 3
Digital Marketing: Dynamics of Digital Strategies
Digital Marketing: Optimisation and Campaigning
Digital Marketing: Consumer Insights

Securities & Derivatives Trading

Courses: 3
Derivatives and Commodity Market
Technical Analysis
Introduction to Capital Market

Financial Analysis

Courses: 3
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Cost and Management Accounting
Financial Management

Investment Analysis

Courses: 3
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Introduction to Capital Market
Financial Management

Risk Analysis

Courses: 3
Derivatives and Risk Management
Insurance and Risk Management
Financial Management

Computer Networking

Courses: 3
OSI Layer and Security Protocol
Data Communication and Network
Computer Networks

Web Development

Courses: 3
Web Technology and Value Added Services in Mobile
Basic Scripting Languages
Programming in Java

Information Security

Courses: 3
Ethical Hacking
Cryptography Fundamentals
Information Security Essentials

Internet of Things

Courses: 3
Internet of Things
Embedded System
Programming in Java

Artificial Intelligence

Courses: 3
Deep Learning
Machine learning
Data Science with Python

Big Data Analytics

Courses: 4
Big data with Spark
Big Data Analytics with Hadoop-Level 2
Big Data Analytics with Hadoop-Level 1
Data Science with Python

Data Science with R & Python

Courses: 3
Data Science with R
Data Science with Python
Introduction to Data Science

Mobile App Development

Courses: 4
Mobile, Wireless and VOIP Security
Introduction to UI and UX
Programming in Java

Cloud Technology

Courses: 4
Amazon Web Services
Virtualization and Cloud Security
Introduction to Windows Azure
Cloud Computing Solutions


1. Need for Career Tracks ?

When you choose to take up a Career Track, you are looking for something more than knowledge and skills. You are looking to build a career in that specific domain and a Career Track would ideally help you expertise in that specific sphere. A Career Track would not only equip with foundation knowledge but also help you deep dive into the specific domain, exposing you to real time case studies and projects.

2. How does it works ?

Once you select your Career Track, you will have to complete all certifications under te track one after the other. The certificate courses in the Career Tracks will begin at the foundation level and move up to the next level as you complete each level. Once you complete all your certifications and assessments, you earn your final KRACKiN certification.

3. How do I study ?

Once you purchase your Career Tracks, you can learn anytime, anywhere at your convenience by logging into your KRACKiN account

4. How do I get certified ?

Once you complete all your certifications and assessments, you earn your final KRACKiN certification and this gets added into your employability scorecard.

5. How do we keep you engaged ?

  • i. Webinar's for the chosen career track from top Industry experts.

  • ii. Opportunity to participate in classroom based workshops

  • iii. Get relevant articles on your career track

  • iv. Connecting you with mentors from industry for your career track.