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Core - MCQ - Robotics

Technical Skills


Robotics Engineering involves R&D, Draft and Design and Building of Robots. If this is where your interest lies, then assess your skills using our test.


The Global Robotics market will triple to $275 bn by 2025. With the rise of automation, companies, especially in the manufacturing sector,are looking forward to hiring people specialised in Robotics skills. From designing industrial robots to working on cutting-edge products that can be used in medical science and exploration of the oceans to designing humanoid robots that can replicate basic human tasks etc. are some of the exciting career opportunities.
If you wish to build a career in Robotics, proceed with our test to find out where you stand.

  • Test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and each question has four choices and with only one right answer.
  • Correct answer has a weightage of one mark.
  • One-third mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.
  • For a question that aren't attempted, zero marks will be awarded.